Our Top 4 Picks for February Arrivals on Netflix

The Polar Vortex is fast approaching, and the temperature is freezing every other day. The beginning of the year is usually used for people starting their New Year’s Resolutions, but with it being so cold out, who wants to do those?

Thankfully new shows and movies drop on Netflix every month, so you can spend a little more time hibernating. Here are some Geek Out Huntsville-approved content dropping in February you might want to check out.

February 8

Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: Season 2

The beloved children’s book series-turned TV show is arriving to Netflix for a second season. Get ready for more superhero battles and underpants!

Watch the trailer here.

Nailed It! Mexico

Nailed It! Brings its wacky show to Mexico, where a new host and judges will determine which dessert challenge is the least worst.

Watch the trailer here.

February 15

The Dragon Prince: Season 2

Season 2 continues the animated adventures of Princes Ezran and Callum with their newly hatched baby dragon, elf sidekicks and a whole lot more human characters.

Watch the trailer here.

Umbrella Academy: Seasons 1 and 2

A quirky, realistic depiction of a family of superheroes, who try to save the world and deal with their dysfunctional family dynamic.

Watch the trailer here.

Keep an eye out for our March Netflix picks coming soon!

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