4a6d20d35ee2b41a1aaa68112d2ce92dIn 2010, Huntsville was ranked as #8 on the list of geekiest cities in America.  Geek Out Huntsville’s mission since that time is simple: Make Huntsville Geekier, and put us on the top.

We want to highlight the positive and geeky things happening in our great community.  Huntsville is a wonderful city with a diverse, smart, and energetic population.  We’re artists, we’re gamers, we’re musicians, we’re even actually rocket scientists!
Through Geek Out Huntsville’s social media feeds and this website, we want to highlight the awesome and amazing things happening in our city.  We’re always looking to hear more from residents, and would love your contribution.

Get in touch with us on our Contact page and send us your event, story, or even that funny and geeky bumper sticker you saw on I-565 on your way to work!

Geek Out Huntsville is all of us in our community combined to make our city, smarter, friendlier, and most of all, geekier.