Dixie Derby Girls Roller Ball 2019: Rowdy, Raucous, and Full of Fun

This year’s Roller Ball had all of the food, drinks, and entertainment that is synonymous with Huntsville’s favorite roller derby team.

For those that don’t know, the Dixie Derby Girls host an annual Roller Ball at the beginning of every year to recognize its members and to raise money or donations for a charitable organization. This year’s charity was Project: Code Red.

Awards were given to team members and items were bid on at the Silent Auction, from a deluxe pet care package to a sweet pair of retro roller skates.

It was a literal righteous time with prizes, food, and drinks, not to mention a hang out with the sassy and classy girls of Dixie Derby.

Their home schedule starts March 9th, so never miss a game by following them on Facebook or by checking out their website.

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