The Geeky 2018 Movie Slate

With the release of the stunning Black Panther as the first geeky movie of the new year, I think this could be the start of a very promising 2018 movie slate for geeks. There are 20 other movies that might make the most mild-mannered geek squeal with momentous might. Of course, not all geeky movies live up to the hype, or even make for a passable movie (I’m looking at you, Fant4stic…). We’re previewing the movies by predicting their Rotten Tomatoes scores, and we’ve teamed up with Wonder Mill Films, whose own movie, Rocket City Shakedown, will debut on Amazon Prime (Start Free Trial Now) on March 9.


Feb 23: Game Night
Only making the list because of the name, I doubt the attendees will be playing Agricola or Pandemic. John Francis Daley is directing, so there’s a chance…
RT Prediction – WMF: 44% GOH: 50%

Mar 9: Wrinkle in Time
I loved this series as a kid. This might be the novel that introduced me into ‘big kid’ sci-fi/fantasy. I’m hopeful it’ll do well so that more of L’Engle’s work will get attention, but I’m fearful that it’s too much to try to put into a 2-hour PG movie.
RT Prediction – WMF: 77% GOH: 65%

Mar 16: Tomb Raider
A reboot of a movie based on a video game, I’m curious how the franchise will be without Angelina Jolie?
RT Prediction – WMF: 51% GOH: 35%

Mar 23: Pacific Rim Uprising
I’m overly excited to see this movie. Guillermo delToro pleasantly surprised with the first live-action anime film of his. Equipped with John Boyega, how will the sequel do versus expectations?
RT Prediction – WMF: 69% GOH: 75%

Mar 29: Ready Player One
The novel was so dense with 80s pop culture references and world-within-a-world building therein, I’m betting Steven Spielberg may have been the only one able even to attempt at transforming the story into a movie. The success Spielberg had in making Jurassic Park incredible on screens will hopefully be duplicated when he brings this world to theaters.
RT Prediction – WMF: 78% GOH: 80%

Apr 20: Rampage
A simple video game classic turned into big-screen fare? It didn’t work for Pixels, but this one has the Rock! He’s on fire recently, and maybe Dwayne can lift this arcade premise to moviegoers.
RT Prediction – WMF: 81% GOH: 65%

May 4: Avengers Infinity War
Expectations are as high as they’ve ever been, especially with Black Panther‘s success. Can the Russo brothers create another gem for Marvel? Where is the soul stone? Is Ultron actually dead? I want these questions answered in May!
RT Prediction – WMF: 87% GOH: 85%

May 18: Deadpool 2
Just as we’re cutting the cord, Ryan Reynolds entices us with Cable. The second Josh Brolin superhero film in 14 days can hopefully remain entertaining and funny without being repetitive in the sequel. Will new characters – and a new director – work?
RT Prediction – WMF: 73% GOH: 75%

May 25: Solo – A Star Wars Story
When the fan-made ‘Sabotage’ trailer works better than the studio-produced one, we should probably temper our expectations. Of course, Ant-Man, another recent film to change directors mid-film turned out okay, didn’t it?
RT Prediction – WMF: 67% GOH: 55%

June 15: Incredibles 2
It’s been fourteen years since we last caught up with the Parrs, but based on the trailers we may be picking up right where we left off. It’s one of my favorite Pixar films, and it’s been the best portryal of the Fantastic Four in theaters ever. This is what a family of superheroes looks like, Fox.
RT Prediction – WMF: 92% GOH: 90%

June 22: Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom
I’m a sucker for dinosaurs, and there hasn’t been a Jurassic movie I’ve hated. I personally find the talking raptor in JP3 to be hilarious. It looks like they’re re-treading the ‘dinosaur comes to city’ premise from JP2, but maybe it won’t eat any backyard dogs this time?
RT Prediction – WMF: 56% GOH: 65%

July 6: Ant-Man and the Wasp
If I were a movie in the MCU, I would NOT want to be the one following Infinity War. I think after Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, and Infinity War, this one will be a quiet, but safe, summer popcorn flick.
RT Prediction – WMF: 73% GOH: 70%

July 27: Teen Titans Go to the Movies
Perhaps you’ll go to see this for the air conditioning the theater provides, or the fart jokes? Still, better than Batman v Superman
RT Prediction – WMF: 55% GOH: 35%

Oct 5: Venom
I loved Venom (and Carnage) in the comics – outside of the X comics, I probably read Venom the most. Tom Hardy has an impressive sci-fi/fantasy resume when you think about it, so hopefully he can pull this Sony write-off through the gates.
RT Prediction – WMF: 42% GOH: 70%

Nov 16: Fantastic Beasts – The Crimes of Grindelwald
The design of this vintage wizarding America is delightful. But which Johnny Depp will we get – Jack Sparrow or Tonto?
RT Prediction – WMF: 73% GOH: 85%

Nov 21: Wreck-It Ralph 2

RT Prediction – WMF: 88% GOH: 75%


Dec 21: Aquaman
So far, only one DCU film has been good, so while hopes are high, expectations are…realistic. Maybe a character that has been a bit neglected over the years means a new world for audiences to explore that hasn’t had a Marvel parallel yet might be well-received.
RT Prediction – WMF: 64% GOH: 55%

Dec 21: Bumblebee
The autobot finally gets a chance to fly solo. This one may stay below the radar, but it’s directed by Travis Knight, who also directed Kubo. So, if I had to pick one of these three movies coming out for Christmas, I’d bet this one would do best.
RT Prediction – WMF: 59% GOH: 85%

Dec 21: Alita Battle Angel
My interest is low for this manga-turned-movie, but it IS helmed by Robert Rodriguez…so maybe it’ll be the surprise of the season, and not Bumblebee?
RT Prediction – WMF: 35% GOH: 15%


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