Four Cosplay Tips for Yuri’s Night!

yurisnight4Our good friend and one of Huntsville’s most awesome cosplayers Stephanie Schrenk has had some of the best costumes at Yuri’s Night over the years, so we asked her to give us some tips on how best to party at the event coming up on Saturday, April 22nd!

For more from Stephanie, check out her articles on Our Valley Events.

Since it will be my fourth time attending the biggest space party in Huntsville, I’ve collected a few tips for fellow earthlings to use as they come up with the perfect costume:

Space themed costumes are a suggestion (but not a requirement). 

yurisnight8Because this is a party celebrating the first man in space, space is going to be the theme of the decorations/music/costumes.

That being said, the theme for costumes is expanded to include Sci-Fi, Video Games, Movies, and pretty much anything with a Science, Space, Robotic or Digital twist.

So if you have no idea what your costume is going to be this year, look into your favorite movies or video games for inspiration. If all else fails, there is always Pinterest! 

Tutorials are your friend. 

yurisnight3This goes for pretty much anything you are wearing a costume or cosplay for, but if you are unsure of how to pull something off or even unsure of what you are going as, typing keywords into sites like YouTube or Reddit can provide helpful instructions on whatever look you are going for. 

Make sure you can walk around/dance in it. 

This is one of the biggest parties of the year, so be prepared to dance for hours. If your costume is too tight, too itchy, too uncomfortable, or has extra pieces that you have to carry around, you might want to make adjustments to it before the party. 

Leave room for pockets or small pouches to carry essentials in. 

Nobody wants to lug around a big purse or backpack the whole time, not to mention having to look out for it when dancing, taking photos, or eating. Bring something small to keep your license, cash, and cards in, or stick them in your pockets if your costume has them.


 For more information on Yuri’s Night, check out their Facebook page or this Geek Out Huntsville article, and remember to stay safe and have fun!

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