Yuri’s Night: If NASA decided to host Burning Man

yurilogoThanks to our friends at Yuri’s Night for writing this week’s guest article and giving us the rundown on the upcoming event, happening on Saturday, April 22nd at Lowe Mill.

This has been one of the wildest and geekiest parties in Huntsville for a few years now, we’re looking forward to raging again at Lowe Mill!

At Yuri’s Night Huntsville, rocket scientists are YurisNight.pngbigger than rock stars.  The massive costume party on April 22nd, which is open to the public at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, closely resembles a rave combined with Halloween.  With a DJ elevated above the crowd, dancers in costume, glow sticks, projection mapping, and festival-level concert production, the party is not one that you would expect to see in the Tennessee Valley.  The unique event celebrating space exploration drew thousands of people from all over the region in recent years.

Truth be told, Yuri’s Night is a worldwide event with hundreds of parties on 6 continents, and the Huntsville party is bigger than any other.

In fact, Loretta Whitesides, who along with her husband George (CEO of Virgin Galactic) founded Yuri’s Night, had this to say:

“I was just preparing a talk on Yuri’s Night for International Space University and found the Huntsville event website and was SO IMPRESSED with the event, the video and the website.  It blows the doors off anything else I have seen especially of our event in LA!!!”

And why shouldn’t it be the biggest and best event, with so much of our history and economy tied to the space industry?  Now in its 8th year, it has become a must-attend event that leaves a huge impression on all attendees.

Many describe the event by saying it is as if NASA decided to host Burning Man.

rabbitWhat is Yuri’s Night?
In April of 1961, Yuri Gagarin forever changed the world as we knew it. That day, the Cold War-era Space Race literally took flight as Gagarin became the first human to fly in space, piloting Vostok 1 on a single orbit around Earth. What followed was a decade-long pursuit of the moon and command of the cosmos, as the world’s two superpowers staged a competition—at once a sprint and a marathon—to determine who would rule the sky.

partypic.pngYuri’s Night, “The World Space Party,” is the annual celebration commemorating Gagarin’s historic flight and the maiden voyage of the American space shuttle 20 years later, to the day, in 1981.

The local party is also used as a way to shed light on a program that does wonders for foster children in Madison County.  100% of the proceeds go to support the Court Appointed Juvenile Advocates of Madison County.

warmachineThe Huntsville event has developed quite the reputation around the country, with press inquiries coming from far reaches.  That is sure to continue with the level of talent assembled for this year’s DJ lineup as the event as evolved into a legitimate electronic music event.

Though not required, costumes of any kind are highly encouraged.  Scantily clad aliens, Star Trek and Star Wars characters, and an abundance of Doctor Who characters abound.  Though there are always vampires and werewolves that are clearly leftover from Halloween.  It is a party that should not be missed.

Artist Bios:

Wick-it the Instigator

DJ Wick-it is a Southern styled EDM artist with a diverse range and gritty sound that proves that, no matter the genre, the South has something to say. Taking the #5 spot on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart isn’t just a testament to his top-notch production skills, but also his impact on a highly interactive online fan base. His SoundCloud page has 60K followers and 13.5 million plays and his Facebook has 57K Likes.

Microsoft chose Wick-it to produce a song for their Windows 8/Angry Birds: Star Wars commercial that they lasted to millions of prime-time viewers.

His mashup album, “The Brothers of Chico Dusty”, was a fierce homage to Big Boi’s smooth rhymes and the Black Keys tough blues/rock grooves. As a performing artist, he’s headlined his own tours and played huge sets at major festivals including SummerCamp Music Fest and Wakarusa.

Without a doubt, Wick-it is instigating an EDM revolution among all of his fans and the electronic world with his intense mashups that cross genres with a little something for everyone to dance to.

Andy Bruh

Bass without boundaries. Dub, glitch-hop, DnB, and hip-hop breaks are just a few of the sounds you’ll hear in an Andy Bruh set. If it beats, it plays. The Atlanta born producer and DJ captures the soul of his city while pushing into unknown sonic territory with full control.

Steeped in the history of Southern hip-hop, Andy Bruh builds on it’s melodic backbone and brings the full force of the electronic bass wave to create an energy unrivaled by many in the scene.

Robbie Dude

Each time I get behind my computer and controllers, I want to convey a piece of myself. Whether it’s the struggles I’ve been going through that week; the different ideals and morals that make up what I believe in as a human living in these crazy illuminated times we call the present; or just tunes that take me back to times when life wasn’t so chaotic, each Robbie Dude experience should be something that comes from the heart and has depth that should touch some part of you.

I’m taking it to the streets with that futuristic, hip hop, electro-soul, funky freshness, wine sippin’, bumpin’, grindin’ bass music.

Additional Acts:

  • DJ Boskii
  • Tryptone

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