Super Hack Override: New Tabletop Card Game Created By Local Huntsville Couple

72b7e96d620b1551f8e9600434a9922c_originalCarla and Nick Kopp of Huntsville are like many other couples in the area.  They’re both engineers, enjoy local geeky conventions, and are involved with many great groups in the community.

However, one them apart.  They both collaborated on creating a tabletop card game that combines their love of tech culture and gaming.

Carla and Nick have been working on finalizing details with their game “Super Hack Override,” an easy to learn game themed around cyberculture that a group of friends can quickly pick up and play.  The couple designed the game, worked with local designer Brian Walker for the illustrations, and found tremendous support through their Kickstarter page.

Geek Out Huntsville recently hosted Carla, Nick, and their company Weird Giraffe Games at our recent Tabletop Night at Sugar Belle.  After highlighting their game at our event, we kept in touch with them and invited them to tell us more about their story, the game, and the future of their company in Huntsville.

Where did the idea for Super Hack Override come from?

13561914_1050345265012941_167873999_nIt all started when we were at Dragon Con in 2015. We were in a lines for a significant amount of time, and we also attended a panel on designing board games. On the drive back home from Atlanta, we decided to create a game that could be played while waiting in line.

During that drive home, we decided on the mechanic of playing other players cards. If you could use other player’s cards, you don’t need that many cards in your hand to have a variety of possible actions, which let us have a small set of cards. From that idea, we got the idea that it should be a game about hacking; if you know how someone has hacked, you can then hack in the same way.

What do you do at your day job?  Did any of it influence the design or concept of the game?

We’re both engineers. My job influenced the game in that I work with computers and such and was able to use my knowledge of that to create the names and terms used in the game.

cpiqxbhwyaa-46wWhat are some of your favorite events in or around Huntsville to check out tabletop games?

There’s a weekly Wednesday night board game night at the IHOP in Madison and a Friday night board game night (HSV Tabletop Players Facebook Group). There’s also NerdCon and Rocket City Game Fest, which are both really fun conventions in the area.

What other kinds of games will Weird Giraffe Games be working on in the future?

We have quite a few game ideas in the works! The furthest along is a card and dice resource management game in Space! You get to choose between exploring new planets, colonizing them, creating alliances with other alien races, or going to war. Each path has it’s own risks and rewards and you don’t have to choice just one! The game is tentatively named Stellar Leap.

We also have ideas for a Dinosaur Evolution dice game, a Time Travel Worker Placement, plus an expansion for Super Hack Override!

To learn more about Super Hack Overdrive, sponsor a card, or buy your own pack, visit!

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