Gold Sprinting Off the Beaten Path

When you think of hipster, eclectic coffee shops I hope Gold Sprint and Offbeat Coffee immediately come to mind! If not I bet this post will make you think differently.

Let’s start with Gold Sprint Coffee. Their outside decor boasts cacti and a sign that states “Death to Bike Thieves” on its bike rack. Inside you will find some hilariously placed taxidermied animals (here’s looking at you, trash panda on a trike), fabulous plants, old school trophies and of course a mix of vintage and eclectic furniture. It’s quite the quirky, but also comfy coffee shop! Now for the drinks… Ranging from floral mixes to bold matcha taste! And they always look stunning. Their food (I admit, I have not explored all they have to offer) is very tasteful. I can tell you that their breakfast biscuit/bagel is phenomenal! I mean just look at it. That bacon though 🤤

Lavender Latte and Iced Vanilla Latte ✨
Breakfast Bagel 👌🏻

Next up is Offbeat Coffee Studio- which is less than a mile away from Gold Sprint! This coffee shop also boasts very hipster-like vibes. Between their old school record albums wall, their geometric wallpaper (with saxophone!), suede and colorful furniture, neon signage and creatively placed plants; they also display a creative and fun style. Their drinks can range from flowery mixtures (like these Rose petals seen here) to aromatic, herby teas. And they are gorgeous, as well as decadent. Any OGs remember their cereal latte?! That really and truly made you feel like you jumped right back into the 90’s 🥲

Cereal latte- very nostalgic!
Rose Quartz Latte for Valentine’s Day 💗

Now that you have read my write up (and thank you if you did!) I hope you can make a trip via bike or car ride to both these establishments! Just don’t go stealing anyone’s bicycle 😉

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