Nerdy Noel Returns to Straight to Ale

(Guest post from our very good friend Kerry Komai!)

Dungeons & Dragons? Check. Sci-fi and fantasy artwork? Check. Spell jars, vinyl decals, keychains, bags, and journals? Check, check, and check!

So you’ve waited a leeeeeetle bit too long to shop for that geeky sweetheart in your life, and now you don’t even know what to get, and you’re super worried about all the crazy shipping delays? And your nerdy darling is really hard to shop for??

Worry not! You have been rescued! North Alabama’s BEST holiday market, Nerdy Noel, is here to save you from yourself! This Sunday, December 12th, the most amazing gathering of geeky vendors will be set up for the fifth year at Straight To Ale at Campus 805 in Huntsville, Ala. 

What will you find at Nerdy Noel? We’re glad you asked. How about some terrain items for your D&D campaigns? Handmade dice and dice boxes? Fandom buttons, prints, and travel posters? Nerdy fridge magnets, cross stitched pieces, rune coasters? You’ll love the incredible variety of one-of-a-kind gifts made by REAL PEOPLE who know what geeks and nerds love. There are even homemade, beautifully wrapped fresh baked goods – treat yo self!

If you, or that special hard-to-shop-for someone – or heck, a whole flock of special someones – love Star Wars, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, Ghostbusters, Horizon Zero Dawn, or everything else in the whole world of geeky wonderfulness, you will find something to sneak under the Christmas tree or into that stocking.

Don’t miss it! Sunday, December 12th, from noon-6:00pm at Straight To Ale. There’s plenty of parking, it’s easy to find, and you can find several places for a yummy lunch or adult beverage in the Campus 805 complex.

As always – Komai’s Oh My is the organizer for Nerdy Noel, and is so very pleased to support Alabama Rabbit Rescue, a charitable organization devoted to rescue and rehoming domestic rabbits. Please be generous if you have the chance to donate!

See you there and may the Force be with you!

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