Our Top 13 Picks for May Arrivals on Netflix

Time for allergy season, geeks! The pollen is coming in waves alongside beautiful weather and blooming flowers. Besides the seasonal allergies, the month of May means a ton of original movies, TV series, fan favorites, and more.

Here’s everything Geek Out Huntsville approved coming to Netflix in May 2019.

May 1


The Dark Crystal
This blast from the past is finally on Netflix, for a whole new generation of fantasy lovers and dark crystal seekers.

Watch the trailer.

The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded & The Matrix Revolutions

Roswell, New Mexico, Season 1
Aliens. Romance. Drama. This show has it all for sci-fi fans.

Check out the trailer.

May 3

Tuca & Bertie
Just two regular, crass, feathered gals who migrate through life as BFFs.

See the trailer.

May 6

If you love a K-Drama with a mysterious twist, this body switcheroo might be worth checking out.

Watch the trailer.

May 14

Revisions Anime Series
Time travel and a hostile cyborg race are one of the many elements of this action packed anime.

Check out the trailer.

May 17

See You Yesterday
Two genius kids build a time machine to save a loved one’s life. It’s equal parts Sci-Fi, Drama and Current Events.

See the trailer.

May 19

Supergirl, Season 4

May 21

Arrow, Season 7

May 22

The Flash, Season 5

May 24

Rim of the World
Kids stranded at summer camp fight alien invaders and band together to save the planet.

Watch the trailer.

May 28

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Season 4

Keep an eye out for our top picks for June!

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