Our Top 10 Picks for April Arrivals on Netflix

It’s tornado season geeks! Time to hunker down in your best doomsday shelter and check out the newest arrivals to Netflix. Get ready for a truckload of new anime and animated shows (some are even kid friendly) that will be great for bingeing when April showers have you stuck inside.

Check out our 10 Geek Out Huntsville approved picks coming to Netflix in April.

April 1

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon, Season 2

In Sun & Moon, Ash Ketchum travels with his bed bud Pikachu to Alola Island, where more adventures and battles await.

Watch the trailer.

The Fifth Element

A classic sci-fi gem that should be on any geeks list. Equal parts wacky, thrilling, and magical, this movie takes you on quite a trip to the 23rd century.

See the trailer here .

Ultraman: Season 1

This highly acclaimed anime takes place years after the original Ultraman saved the earth and returned to the stars.

Check the trailer out.

April 5

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Season 1, Part 2

Everyone’s favorite witch is back, Praise the Dark Lord! Get ready for more spooks, spells, and magic felines as our iconic teen witch navigates high school life.

See the trailer.

Persona: Collection

The anime version of the popular video game, Persona tells the story of a high school boy discovering a hidden world and the power to end a series of unsolved murders.

Watch the trailer here.

April 11

Black Summer: Season 1

As a prequel to the SyFy show Z Nation, Black Summer is a harrowing zombie apocalypse show for those of us that still love zombies and wouldn’t mind seeing more.

See the trailer.

April 19

Rilakkuma and Kaoru: Season 1

Dive into the cutest television show coming to Netflix this month. Rilakkuma is a chill, adorable stuffed bear that helps his companion Kaoru navigate her life as a single twenty-something.

Check out the trailer.

April 26

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 2

Girl power! She-Ra comes back for a second season as Adora fights evil with her group of kickass lady superheroes.

Watch the trailer here.

April 30

Baki: Part 2

This martial arts anime is finally coming out with the second season on Netflix. Will Baki be able to rescue his girlfriend? You gotta tune in to find out.

Check out the trailer.

Ingress: The Animation

Based on the popular mobile game by Niantic, Ingress follows a special police investigator with the power to read the memories of anything he touches.

Watch the trailer here.

Our top picks for May releases will be out next month, so keep an eye out!

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