GOH Approved Local Cosplayer: Bambi Dreams Cosplay

I met the talented and cute-as-a-button Madelyn Biles at Dragon*Con 2018, where she is known online and in the cosplay community as Bambi Dreams Cosplay. We got to chat about her inspirations, her favorite cosplays, and what’s next.

1) What got you into cosplay?

When I first learned about cosplaying, I just googled local conventions in the area! I attended my first one in high school (Hamacon) and the rest is history.

2) How long have you been cosplaying?

About 8 years now!

3) What is your favorite convention to go to?

Any of the Atlanta conventions are normally my favorites! DragonconMomocon, and AWA. I’m hoping to travel out of state more once I’m finished with school, though!

4) What was your proudest cosplay moment?

That’s a hard question too, haha! A lot of my proud moments come from personal cosplay accomplishments. I made a big bazooka gun that’s about as tall as me and took it to Dragoncon last year, and I poured tons of time and hours and frustration into it — showing it off at Dragoncon was definitely a proud moment, and made all the frustration worth it!


5) How do you create your cosplays?

I’ve done a little bit of everything! I mostly alter stuff from thrift stores because it’s easier on my wallet and while I am a seamstress, I’m the furthest thing from being a GOOD seamstress, haha. I buy a lot of cosplays too though to model and wear, but there’s definitely no shame in buying cosplays! As far as props and accessories (like weapons, armor) I always make those.

6) What are your future cosplay plans?

At the moment, I don’t have a ton of new ones set in stone! I’m planning on putting together a Christmas version of Yoko Littner from GurrenLagann for a convention in December. Next year I’m hoping to remake Black Cat, and probably add a couple more My Hero Academia cosplays to my list but we’ll see!

You can check out Bambi Dreams Cosplay on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bambidreamscos/  and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bambidreams/

One comment

  1. As a cosplay photographer, I have to say that Bambi Dreams does some very cool stuff, and an awesome person, who I’ve felt honored to have been able to photograph.


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