Toy Box Bistro: A First Timer’s Review

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 12.18.36 PM.pngBrooklin Johnson is one of the latest members to the Geek Out Huntsville team, she is a local geek, animal lover, music festival enthusiast, artist, and otherwise jack of all trades! 

She visited Toy Box Bistro on Jordan Lane for the first time this past week and filed this mini-review for us!

I just recently visited the ToyBox Bistro for the first time!

I asked myself “Why have I not yet experienced this place yet?” It was right up my geeky ally! The whole restaurant was decked out in what you would find in a twelve year old boy’s room from the 80’s. Star Wars toys sporadically placed all around the shelves, board games glued to the ceiling, even a bowling set pinned to a wall. A majority of the tables had a card game theme such as Yugio, Cards Against Humanity and Pokémon.

28337731_843420962495978_6144804174365106416_o.jpgNow let’s talk about the food! The menu is loaded with delicious, and very well prepared goods. Like the the Buffalo Chix Rangoon’s on the appetizer menu, a pastry like treat stuffed with shredded chicken and a creamy buffalo sauce, a perfect match with blue cheese. Obviously, it’s a personal favorite! They also have choices like burgers, sandwiches, meatloaf and other incredible meals.

I have also never really been to a restaurant that made me feel like home. At ToyBox you feel like part of the nerdy family, excluding the one family member telling you to “put those toys away, you’re a thirty-five year old adult!”

The owners Michelle and Bill are in my opinion business geniuses, and lovely people!  Fun fact, Michelle helps to run the famous HamaCon, the local anime convention, and who doesn’t enjoy a great geekconvention?

If you’re a nerd, geek, or if you just like delicious food then I highly recommend you make your way to ToyBox Bistro.  It’s located near the UAH campus on Jordan Lane!

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