GOH Approved Local Cosplayer: Carly Calamity Cosplay

Carly Hannah is the woman behind Carly Calamity Cosplay, and is a super talented cosplayer, Twitch streamer and graphic designer. I had a chance to interview her about her inspiration, her cosplay methods and her celebrity shout out. 


How long have you been doing cosplay? 

I’ve been cosplaying for about 6 years now! 


What fandoms do you like to use for cosplay ideas?  

I like to use DC and Marvel comics fandoms, various video games, and live actions shows and movies (that are superhero related).


Proudest cosplay moment? 

My proudest cosplay moment was easily when Willa Holland (who plays Speedy in the television show The Arrow) complimented the Speedy suit that I hand made. 


What is your favorite thing about cosplay? 

My favorite thing is the new friends that I am able to make! I met my best friend through cosplay as well as most of my close friends. I also love learning new skills from other cosplayers! There is a never ending amount of knowledge flowing through the cosplay community.



How do you create your cosplays? 

I mostly prefer to sew, as I am really horrible at working with foam. Sewing is my main method of creating cosplays.  


Do you have any future cosplays in the works? 

I’ve always got cosplay plans in the works! The better question is which ones will actually come to fruition (and honestly, I can’t answer until the day before a big con).  


You can check her out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/carlycalamity/  and on Twitch at  twitch.tv/carlycalamity  


One comment

  1. Photog credits go to MCK2 Photography (Speedy), Bokeh Photo (Rey), Bentpic5 (Zelda), Blackflight Photography (D.va) and Cubster Cosplay Photography (Gwenom—thumbnail photo).

    Thanks so much for this interview! ❤


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