GOH Approved Local Cosplayer: KrtsieKitteh Cosplay

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 6.32.51 PMCosplayer of the Month is a series of articles about a local or regional cosplayer

In our first ever post I interviewed Huntsville cosplayer Daphnie Salvador of ArtsieKitteh Cosplay about her history with cosplay, as well as some tips and tricks she has for making cosplays. 


What got you into cosplay? 

That’s a toughie. When I was little I really enjoyed dressing up for Halloween and a few were homemade by my grandmother and parents. I think that enjoyment of wearing a costume and my creativity as an artist transitioned into making my own cosplays as I got older. 


What was the first cosplay you’ve ever done? 

I’d like to say my first cosplay was Sailor Moon when I was in middle school that my grandmother made. However, the first cosplay that I personally made is Korra from Legend of Korra. 

Do you have any costuming or planning tips for making a cosplay?  

My biggest tip is DON’T PROCRASTINATE! This is something I struggle with myself a lot. A cosplay could look easy so may you think it can be knocked out in a month or less. Sometimes this isn’t true, especially if you are new to cosplay. You will run into unexpected obstacles. I still do often and I’ve been cosplaying for about 5 years. Set mini goals from the time you decide on a cosplay to the con you want to debut it at. Your first goal can be research to make sure the cosplay is as accurate as possible and the next goal is to buy the materials by a certain time. Each goal you plan should have a deadline in order to avoid procrastination. Best of luck! 



What are your favorite fandoms to pull ideas from?  

A lot of fandoms my cosplays belong to are either in anime or video games. Two good examples are a gijinka cosplay of Mega Charizard X from Pokemon and Bayonetta from, well, Bayonetta. 


What was your most challenging cosplay?

It seems like each new cosplay is slightly more challenging than the previous one. My most recent and challenging one for me is 2B from the video game NieR: Automata. This one was especially difficult because I had to draft my own pattern and that is one of the hardest things for me to do. I kept running into problems and making the smallest of adjustments. Along with creating a custom draft I had to figure out to get in and out of the top easily while keeping true the character’s design.



Are there any future cosplays that you are planning on doing?  

Yes! I would like to eventually cosplay Aranea Highwind (Final Fantasy XV), T-ELOS (XenosagaEpisode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra), and a Gundaminspired one for Dragoncon 2018. I haven’t thought  much about which Gundam and what the concept design will look like yet.  


You can check out her cosplays at her Facebook Page, Daphnie Salvador Art & Cosplay https://www.facebook.com/daphniesart/

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