Who of Huntsville – Lee Roop

10349980_809859879052797_8564548313411817740_nThe WHO of Huntsville

Meet Lee Roop, NASA Reporter for The Huntsville Times.

Q) What’s your favorite Huntsville meal?
A) “Scruffy Special” at The Po-Boy Factory, BLT at Sandwich Farm, spaghetti bolognese at Mezza Luna.

Q) What do you like to do in Huntsville?
A) Hiking the trails in Monte Sano State Park, taking my dog to the dog park (and hoping she behaves), concerts on the dock at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment

Q) What’s something you’d like to see for Huntsville in the near future?
A) Move the courthouse and turn the square into a cool outdoor music venue

Q) What do you wish more Huntsville residents realized?
A) How much there is to do in Huntsville compared to 15 years ago, and how rapidly things are getting even better. The outlook for the next 10 years means nothing but good.

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